A Million Promises

A Million Promises, released on 1st of April in 2010. A visual novel collaboration between DawnKisa and Lux Visual Novels.

A Million Promises is a visual novel that attempts to test the limits of the so-called “suspension of disbelief.” Visual novel readers will witness this journey through the eyes of the young man, Takeru Harukaze and his life in high school.
Takeru and his clique are composed of teenagers with archetypal personalities. A Million Promises is a story about coming-of-age, about acceptance, about failure, and about holding on to the things that are really important in this fragile existence we all live in.
Perhaps, someday, when the developers have moved on to better, more professional works, they will look back on this game and remember…
“April 1st. We promised. We would never forget!”

Download (38MB)

Project Team:
Writing, coding, BGs ~ DawnKisa
Other illustrations ~ Hime
Music ~ SAM Free Music
Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine ~ PyTom

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