Nobody expects…

The Spanish inquisition A new update and a new thousand hits to come so soon. Not even me, that’s why I had to rush with the cookie. Luckily, I didn’t burn it despite the rush! To be honest, it’s rather raw than burnt.

Click for a very slightly bigger and better quality version.
I realized that all I have done is TeraMura cookies, so I just had to make a Nattsu one. I hope you like it and I’m really glad that people have interest in my humble projects and all the other things that I post about. Thank you everyone for that! ^^


6 Responses to “Nobody expects…”

  1. marcusl12 Says:

    Good work with the 3000 views =). I’ve just hit 2000. Your projects are cool, but I’m surprised people read my junk ^_^;. They rock!

  2. Cynanthia Says:

    Congrats for the 3000 hits! ^(^o^)^
    And don’t worry for the cookies, it’s delicious. =))

    I’ll wait for your projects!

  3. luxhime Says:

    I like your projects as well, M12. And you update really often, unlike me… Eheh. I should be more diligent with that. Thanks. ^^

    Cynanthia: I’m glad you like it! :) Thanks.

  4. Terry Finley Says:

    I lile your site.


  5. samukun Says:

    Waaahhh, it’s Mimi!!! She’s my favorite character from Nattsu! *huggles*

  6. vatina Says:

    Congrats! And nice cookie :D

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