Being… sick + some good things

Lately, I’ve been sick a lot, and yesterday morning I puked. And it seems like I’ve got a fever as well. I’m going to see the doctor today, but really… I hate being sick.

As for the good things, a Slovak version of Project Nattsu kindly translated by mikey has been released here (or on ATP’s page here). The translated version has also got some  great enhancements by mikey with the layout and backgrounds. There will also be an English release with the same enhancements as soon as possible. ^^ Myself I really loved to see the Slovak version (even though I can’t read Slovak), so if you can read Slovak, I highly recommend checking it out! :)

Another good thing is that the Tower (Rosetta) will be complete quite soon. I think I’ll also post her here when I finish the pic, since I’ve put a lot of love (Rosetta is moé!) and energy to this one.

TeraMura, on the other hand… I’m even more doubtful about catching the deadline, since I’m sick and my brain isn’t working at all. If I don’t catch it, I’ll try to finish this arc by the end of NaNoReNo (= by the end of this month).

Thanks for reading! ^^

4 Responses to “Being… sick + some good things”

  1. M12 Says:

    Poor Hime T_T… get well soon ;_;.

  2. samukun Says:

    Aww… Sick? That’s too bad. I hate being sick too… >_<;;

    Good luck with your projects though. ^_^

  3. luxhime Says:

    Thanks for the comments… I’m slowly getting better! ^^

  4. vatina Says:

    Winter Shard is a great OELVN. I would have taken Rosetta if you hadn’t got it first :P

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