Project Nattsu updated! Ver 1.1 release

Ahh, I was finally able to complete this – I’m sorry for taking so long, especially since mikey did such a great job on this, but I’ve had a lot of personal issues and business. A scary year indeed! In the end I couldn’t find my old work in project -version of the English fix, so I did it from beginning to end this evening – which is probably for the best, since I didn’t need to check what I had done and hadn’t done. :)

The changes between 1.0 and 1.1 include:
– updated to version 6.6.1 of Ren’Py
– better, more fitting colour theme
– typos and inconsistencies fixed
– beautiful new backgrounds
– a lot more readable font
– and more!

All of this kindly provided by the English visual novel veteran mikey for the Slovak translation of Nattsu, but now also available in the English version!

The changes are minor enough that I don’t recommend replaying the game if you already have (unless you have interest of course), but if you haven’t played Nattsu, please download version 1.1 instead of 1.0 if you do. Even if the changes aren’t earthshaking, mikey has done a great job on them and made the new version is a better experience in whole compared to the original one. ^^
Download links here!

I want to once more say thanks for everyone who has been involved in the development of and played Nattsu, I truly appreciate it!

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