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The Final BTW Released!

April 26, 2011

The very last BTW has been released! Grab your copy of BTW #10, April 2011 here, and check the Teacup for discussion.

I made the cover and worked on the layout of the zine. Plus there is one article by me, but it was released pretty much unfinished like much of the last issue. I suppose BTW was so dear to anyone that we wouldn’t have been satisfied with any possible degree of polish, though, so it isn’t really a bad ending – we just decided that we have to get it out by the end of April, and that is what we did. The cover is rushed, the layout is simple and some of the articles rough, but even so, it is the ending of our beloved BTW.

My feelings on the matter are depicted graphically as follows:

I feel that I learnt a lot from writing for BTW and from the feedback that I got. Thanks for everyone who has supported us over the years!

Although I’ll definitely miss BTW, I agree with mikey that it’s also a child of the era it was born in, an era when many of the staff members (including me) felt they had no proper place to express their thoughts and opinions about VNs and the community around them. Now that we have The Teacup, there is no need for BTW: after all, should we want to discuss something, we can just go make a thread. This is better in that we can get more people exchanging their opinions and we don’t have to think about our writings being part of a zine. Articles are forever in a way, and this makes it a rather stiff format for creating discussion, which I believe was one purpose of BTW.

As the era is over and better methods for achieving the purposes of BTW have arrived, it is time to let go of our beloved brainchild. I’ll miss you, BTW, but I’ll always remember you with warmth.

In other news, I have been busy with studies all spring. In the summer, I’ll be making graphics for my and N437’s project, The Duke’s Daughter, to be released in The Teacup Visual Novel Festival 2011 in August (we’re still accepting participants, by the way!). After that, I have another big project booked, so I’ll be busy with the things at hand for a while.

For patient readers who have read this far, here’s the BTW 10 cover without text other than my signature.

Merry Christmas 2010!

December 24, 2010

Happy holidays, everyone!

The Teacup

February 1, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009!

December 24, 2009

To celebrate the event, a more-literal-than-usual cookie! Happy holidays everyone! ^^

The Morane Crisis release!

December 20, 2009

The Morane Crisis, new collaboration project between ATP Projects and Lux Visual Novels, has been released! I did the character art for this game, and it has writing, backgrounds and programming by mikey and music by evo.

Here’s the synopsis:

A top league long-time mediocre racing driver and his wife take a break from their travel-intensive jobs to spend a quiet weekend together in a city in Europe, talking about their future.

This was a very pleasant project to work on and also an experiment of sorts, as I used a more realistic style than usual. It worked out quite well, especially when mikey made a new interface which I think made the sprite look a lot better than it did just by itself. I’ve always admired ATP’s works, some of which were among the first VNs I played, so the project was a dream come true of some sort. I think I actually confused mikey a little when I agreed in a heartbeat, hehe! ^^;

I just played the game myself, and enjoyed it very much. Quite a flattering experience to see my artwork next to the masterpieces that the writing and music are… I’d describe it as calm, atmospheric, romantic and thought-provoking – the kind of game you play to relax. The game is semi-linear with choices, paths and one ending. Overall I think it’s 40 minutes well spent, so go download it at ATP Projects! :)

Long time no cookie

November 8, 2009

As the title says. For the sake of your wellbeing, please have one!

This one is a bunch of technical experiments lumped together, and I think it shows. While I probably will not use some of them again, I think I found some nice tricks too. As you might notice, I have also got over my habit of being lazy with backgrounds (at least partly). Yay!

And concerning everything else, I have mostly been too busy actually doing stuff instead of just writing about it, which is a good thing but makes this blog less interesting to read (I assume). If all goes well, there should be some news before next summer, hopefully sooner.

Thanks for reading!

edit: Now also in the header.

A new minor project and other current things

July 20, 2008

So, I’ve began writing another project – a very short kinetic one, this time. It’s kind of shoujo ai and will hopefully be finished this year, but there isn’t much I could tell you without spoiling, as it is a short story. Here’s a quick sketch of the protagonist on lest – she’s a meganekko, a girl from a rich family – someone many would consider lucky, but who doesn’t really see herself like that. :3 Fufu, I guess this will be enough information this time, the rest you shall discover if you play the finished KN! ;)

Other than that, I’ve been rather busy lately, unable to work very much, but I’m trying my best. Today I discovered that I’ve got a little fever and a flu (though I’ve been feeling a bit like it for the past few days)… -sigh- Such bad luck in the last weeks of the holidays. ;_;

Also, I’ve been trying to improve my English by reading some heavier English literature lately, though I have to admit it has been a little painful at times. However, I’ve got a lot of motivation for it, as I want to be able to write as well as possible myself. If there’s a word I can’t read, I obviously can’t write it either. Thus, expanding my vocabulary is neccessary. I’ll fight for the sake of learning! >:3

Thanks for reading! ^^ I’ll try to update this blog a little more often, I promise!

Challenged by M12 – On the subject of Moe

July 2, 2008

Moe – such a famous and widely used term among the otakus, yet so hard to describe and define. There is no right and wrong in the moe world, but in this blog entry, I shall voice my own opinions and feelings concerning this topic, as hard as it is.

I think that in the end, the character isn’t moe, but rather, awakens the feeling of moe, which is also one of the reasons why moe is this controversial. Kittens are cute, it’s quite undeniable in the end: They are little, innocent, soft and fluffy, so pretty much anyone considers them cute. However, I bet a lot of people disagree with each other about what is moe. A lot of us love ideal bishoujos, other are to tsunderes, a few to yanderes, some into loli. My opinion is that what moe is depends on the person, his/her past, beliefs, taste – quite a few things.

However, what is essential in moe is that you can love, forgive and relate to the character, no matter what he/she is like. I think yanderes are a good example here, as it’s hard to feel moe about the character if you think whatever makes him/her a yandere isn’t justified. I think Kotonoha Katsura is moe. To me, Katsura is a girl who loves her boyfriend more than anything else and gets mentally deeply injured to the point of (temporarily?) losing her sanity as she hears about less fortunate things. In the end of School Days the anime, I can’t say I’d do what she did if the same happened to me, but as a girl in a relationship, I bet I’d be shocked and depressed to the point of at least considering those things in my mind. Many think yanderes are bad or immoral, but it really depends on whether or not you can forgive them for what they did. (Of course, only having forgiven them isn’t equal to seeing them as moe.)

I also think anyone who is open and willing to feel moe can have feelings for moe characters. The generalization of the moe audience consisting of 20-30 year old desperately lonely, single otakus is cruel. I’m a girl or a young woman (depending on how you look at it), in a happy relationship, and I adore moe characters. You always think those Konata/Kagami wallscrolls end up in the apartments of male nerds, but some of them are actually bought and worshipped by cute teenage girls (with experience – ahh, she’s such an adorable person… One of those few cases where real life persons seem moe). It is true, however, that young men are more often open to moe and the series with the most moe characters usually are aimed at them when looking at other aspects of them.

Even though it’s rare to look at things this way, moe isn’t only limited to otaku merchandise and otakus, but it can touch anyone and be in anything humane, even real people. Real people, however, are a difficult case of moe because of their humanity. We are wonderfully complex and imperfect, which makes us one of the most beautiful beings on this planet, but it unfortunetly makes it hard for us to feel moe about each other: We have actual pasts and experience instead of quickly invented possible plot devices from our childhood, so it’s very hard to find someone you can really relate to, and even then, it’s unlikely that that person is moe in other aspects. Nonetheless, there are people that have been moe to my eye.

Quite a different opinion, now isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for anyone who has actually had the patience to read this. Also, a little Nattsu sketch to make it a little more light to read. ‘:3

Midsummer’s over

June 23, 2008

It was a rather nice Midsummer. Also, I have now officially killed my writing block! Finally, progress…

Also, the two most young(-looking? You can’t know how old Sakura is, uhuhu) characters from Lux Visual Novels’s main projects, Anna from Project Nattsu and Sakura from Tera to Mura to Wasuremono. I should post more sketches here. ^^

Thanks for reading!

Summer ahead!

May 24, 2008

My serious school ended this week, yay! I’ll still have one week of school, but that’s like field trips and preparing for our graduation ceremony. In other words, all the stress and hustle is over… Huh. :3 In order to celebrate this freedom and the warm weather, I made a random sketch, and that resulted in…

…This. The lineart isn’t very refined because I actually just threw the sketch into a vectorizing program, but I hope you like it. The character is from one of the many possible side projects of Lux VNs. The first one of those that has really inspired me, so if the project is lucky, it might actually get done some day.

As for the 5k pic, I’ve grown to dislike it so much that I don’t know whether or not I should try to finish it in the first place. It’ll just take time and energy that could be used on better things, such as making art for Rena. (Which I’m doing right now, by the way. ;) Architecture is a pain.) Unless someone really yearns to see it, I’ll focus on something that deserves more time.

Slow but constant progress once again! Now that all the exams and so on are done and have been returned to us, the amount of my inspiration is over nine thousand a lot bigger than it normally is, so I’m expecting more from myself than usual in the summer. Thanks for reading, and please enjoy your summer holiday whenever it starts! ^^