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A look back at ’09

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now that the year has changed everywhere around the globe, I thought I would write a little post on 2009.

It was a pretty interesting year for me and very eventful – there were even 2 releases from Lux VNs, Take Rena Home and The Morane Crisis, both of which were collaborations in which I worked as an artist. I learnt a lot from these two projects, especially in terms of creative teamwork, which I hadn’t really done before. All I seem to have made is art, which might make it look like I have been writing very little this year, but in fact this is not the case – I think I have been writing more than ever, with a burning inspiration. I have matured as both a writer and an artist during the year and found many more reasons and meanings to what I do, not to mention my skills at both have grown as well.

As a result of this development the script for a certain project is around 90% complete right now. This might mean a bigger release in 2010, but because the script is pretty long (around twice the size of Nattsu right now, and written in clearly more complicated language) proofreading, editing and illustrating can take quite a while. But aside from this big project, there will be at least 2 releases from Lux next year. That I can promise.

In terms of VNs I think the year was so-so. Many great JVNs have been translated by fans, MangaGamer released several top-notch games with disagreeable translations and JAST USA made a deal with Nitro+ to localise their games (woohoo!). I played lots of great games too, like Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, CROSS†CHANNEL, Phantom of Inferno, MOON. and Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo. Many of these gave me new ideas and views on VNs, not to mention they were a lot of fun to play.

But while the translation side has been rocking, the creation side seems a bit lazy, particularly the EVN side. I think this is because of the lack of a creative environment, but there were barely any big releases in 2009. When there were releases, they were commercial or otome, neither of which are of much interest to me. Or in the case of commercial, it would perhaps be more correct to say it isn’t to the interest of my wallet…

On a personal level, I feel I matured a lot during the year. If I had to sum all things up, in my personal ’09 was mostly a year of farewells. This might sound sad, but it really is not. I feel those were things that needed to be done and sometimes leaving one thing behind can open you to new possibilities. It is very rejuvenating in a sense, and I think it provides me a good start for the year 2010. Metaphorically speaking I was throwing rocks out of my backpack all the time in the past year, so it is now a lot easier on my shoulders and has space to keep new, more useful things in. I hope to find and collect lots of great things into my life and learn a lot from the year! :)

Computer trouble, translations and webzines

June 23, 2009

Gahh… I’ve had bad luck once again, as my computer failed me this month, so I haven’t been able to work on anything during the summer. I should get a new computer within a week, and when this happens, I’ll finish updating Project Nattsu with mikey’s corrections. For real. D: Sorry about all these delays… life has been harsh.

On the bright side, it looks like Take Rena Home will be translated to Russian. I hadn’t heard about this until Vatina, who released her first game Angelic Orbs some time ago (go check it out! <3), told me that TRH had been added to the visual novel database. I find the news great and wish to encourage the translators. I’m both very surprised and excited about this. Waai! ^^

To those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, please have a look at The Baka-Trio Webzine. It’s an English visual novel community magazine with articles, interviews, reviews and all other kind of cool stuff. I wrote an article about storytelling for the second volume, which you can find from the link. :)

Thanks for reading and please remember to enjoy the summer! <3

Take Rena Home released!

May 1, 2009

Sorry for not blogging for a few months, I’ve been horribly busy. I can’t promise to be able to blog more before summer (freedom, yay), but luckily my holidays will start within a month, so it actually isn’t a very long time. ^^

Nonetheless, the main reason for this post is that my collaboration project with M12 of Vjutsu, Take Rena Home, has been released. It is a Higurashi fan game, but I’m sure people who haven’t played/seen/read it can enjoy the game to some extent as well, and it doesn’t have spoilers for the original’s story. :) Here’s the LSF thread for the game!

Now that I’ve done my work with this, I can’t promise any “big” releases really soon, but at least I should have the time to actually convert Nattsu’s translation’s improvements to the English version. It’s actually almost done, but I’ll have to check that I haven’t forgotten anything… ^^;

Thanks for reading and I hope you all are enjoying spring as much as I am~!

Happy late Christmas and New Year!

January 1, 2009

It’s holidays. No school. I’ve mostly been working on Rena like crazy. -w- One (half done) background, a CG or two, musics, insertation and interface customisation are basically all that’s left… HNNGH! You can probably expect a release in the next few months.

Yumemiru, schools and stuff

June 14, 2008

I’m sorry for not posting that much lately – somehow, it feels like I haven’t got much time, even on my holiday. My friends and family are asking me to go here and there all the time, and that kind of offers are really hard to reject. ^^;

There has been progress though, especially with – surprisingly – Rena. I had to edit the lineart a bit because I found myself demotivated because of the old and thus a little weird likeart, it should look better now. As for writing, I’m seeking for some more inspiration (and time).

As for other things, some time ago I realized that I had to play Yume miru kusuri. I like the art style a lot and a lot of people have liked it, so I couldn’t resist trying. Right now, I’ve finished Aeka’s and Mizuki’s routes, going for Nekoko currently. I think Yumemiru is, despite not being the most serious, epic and detailed VN ever, very enjoyable – perhaps because of those things that seem to make it imperfect. :3 Even in humans, imperfections tend to end up as the most charming points in a thing, don’t they? ^^;

Oh and. I got to the school I applied to, so all the stressing is officially over now until autumn, yay!

Thanks for reading!

Summer ahead!

May 24, 2008

My serious school ended this week, yay! I’ll still have one week of school, but that’s like field trips and preparing for our graduation ceremony. In other words, all the stress and hustle is over… Huh. :3 In order to celebrate this freedom and the warm weather, I made a random sketch, and that resulted in…

…This. The lineart isn’t very refined because I actually just threw the sketch into a vectorizing program, but I hope you like it. The character is from one of the many possible side projects of Lux VNs. The first one of those that has really inspired me, so if the project is lucky, it might actually get done some day.

As for the 5k pic, I’ve grown to dislike it so much that I don’t know whether or not I should try to finish it in the first place. It’ll just take time and energy that could be used on better things, such as making art for Rena. (Which I’m doing right now, by the way. ;) Architecture is a pain.) Unless someone really yearns to see it, I’ll focus on something that deserves more time.

Slow but constant progress once again! Now that all the exams and so on are done and have been returned to us, the amount of my inspiration is over nine thousand a lot bigger than it normally is, so I’m expecting more from myself than usual in the summer. Thanks for reading, and please enjoy your summer holiday whenever it starts! ^^

Exams + stress + Easter

March 21, 2008

I’ve been so horribly busy and stressed for some time (six exams in six days hurts), so I haven’t been able to write – neither TeraMura or this blog. I’m sorry for this, but now that we have a 4-day holiday, I’ll try to get back to writing and being more active as soon as I am able to… I’m so relieved that I won’t be having like any exams in a month or so. ^^

The good news is that I finished Rosetta’s card… Yay. I hope you like it. :)

Also, I promise to get something finished for Rena on this vacation. Promise.

Thanks for reading, and happy Easter! I’ll be writing more constantly from now on… ^^;

Awawa, being busy…

February 27, 2008

I’m sorry for not having much time to post – or progress with anything – lately. Even though I had my holiday, I’m already busy with exams now. I wish that these would go well, since some of the upcoming tests are not only important, but most likely very difficult. For me, at least. ^^;

The pieces that have progressed the most lately are probably Rosetta’s card (now colouring) and one of the BGs for the Rena project, which only lacks shadowing now. I’ve found it hard to write when I’m this stressed, but I feel like I’ll write a lot whenever I have enough time and energy. The tutorial thing is probably the one that I did the least during the holiday, but I got quite far the first day I started making it. I think that I should consider the tutorial as the project with the smallest priority right now, since it’s possibly the most non-creative work that I’m doing, so I need to be sharp when writing it in order to get good results – and now I should fill my brain with school things instead of how to do sprites. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not like I’m abandoning the tutorial. I’ll continue it as soon as I can, I promise. :)

Thanks for reading! I hope that I’ll have more to say for the next post… Ehe~.

Status reports, the beginning of a week’s holiday

February 17, 2008

Yay, it’s holiday here! This leads to more time for being productive… And posting some status reports. :D

Rena: I’ve got one coloured version of the sprite now, but I don’t like it, so it’s most likely getting some editing. One background lineart nearly complete.
Tarots: Rosetta’s lineart complete (except for the background), no progress with Marliene.
TeraMura: Still at 50k. Might be possible to finish the first arc for the promised date.
Tutorial: Still writing the lineart section.

Generally, I’m feeling really productive now despite having a little flu, so I’m expecting to get things done next week now that I finally have some time. Perhaps I can post a new status report next Sunday and we’ll see how much I’ve been able to progress with several things.

Also… Fufufufufu~. No, I’m not telling you why, fufufufu~. But there are some unexpected, but really good things going on… ;3

Thanks for reading! ^^

Many kinds of navels

February 5, 2008

That means both Navel and navel!

Navel’s Shuffle! is one of the few visual novels that I’ve heard wasn’t much better as a VN than it is as anime. However I can’t say this is my opinion since I’ve unfortunetly only seen the anime. It was quite good actually, especially for a harem one. The ending was surprising. Another strange part is that I loved Asa and Kaede, whereas I didn’t find the other girls half as interesting. Especially Sia. Primula had a nice story, but like from many flat-chested heroines, I got the obligatory loli character-vibe from her.

Another thing that I found interesting about Shuffle! was the fact that the original VN had two chara designers, Aoi Nishimata and Hiro Suzuhira. I like both of them a lot, though Aoi’s style might be slightly more appealing to my eye. There are some things that are slightly bugging, though… Like most of the characters looking very alike. All of them look pretty, though! *w*

I also found YURIA through Shuffle!, and I now have 2 of her albums. They’re probably the most originally named albums in my CD shelf: YURIA and YURIA 2. Luckily the music is better than the album names! :D I think her voice is very personal and likeable. She has sung a lot of songs for VNs, such as Shuffle!, Otome wa boku ni koishiteru and Green green. One of the ending themes for the dramatic anime School Days was also sung by her. Nice boat! ;) If you know what I mean…

And now, to the other kinds of navels, here’s Rosetta’s:

How artistic! So yeah, I’m making progress with The Tower’s lineart. Marliene’s card has been sketched, but I have yet to start making lineart. Rosetta’s lineart will require more time because of a challenging background, but I try to finish these in an acceptable amount of time. :3

Rena’s progressing as well despite the pararrel graphical project. Slowly, though, but as we are talking about backgrounds, I’m glad that I’m making any progress. Trying my best. :)

As for TeraMura… But I don’t want to write the endings yet! ;_;
However, don’t expect too much. I might have to delay the arc’s completion till Nanoreno’s end. I’m most likely not doing anything for Nano, but I’ll try to finish writing this arc if I am not able to meet the current deadline.

Thanks for reading, have a cookie. And a delicious navel… orange.

edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention. Possibly a voice role. Fufufu~.