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Artwork for a Higurashi project kana, kana?

November 19, 2007

The project was way too moé, omochikaeri~. I couldn’t resist it.
So, at the moment, it looks like I’ll be doing the artwork for a Higurashi dating sim project, featuring Rena. Yes. I’m a great Higurashi no naku koro ni fan…
This shouldn’t slow down my writings, as I have always kept visual arts and writing quite separate.
…I’m a bit excited. >w<

Oh, and I had to sketch some Rena too! I hope you like it. ^^ Ahh, my sketches are so rough… (Note, these are just random sketches that aren’t particularly involved with the previously mentioned project.)

I really, really seldom draw fanart, by the way… The previous time when I draw some was when I drew some of Winter Shard (a great game, by the way). But what I draw back then was really ugly, since I was having an art block and everything. It didn’t even have proper lineart! Perhaps I should make some new Winter Shard fanart kana, kana?

Oh and, I also made my first 4koma ever last weekend. I’m really bad at humour so it isn’t very funny and I wasn’t too careful with the drawing either (I tried a more comic-ish style), but I decided to share it anyway. It just happens to have some Higurashi material too… Note the spoilerous content! And the Higurashi spoilers are just for Watanagashi-hen (the third question arc), whereas the Project Nattsu spoilers are just for Anna’s ending.

And about Anna’s hands, I know it already… T_T

Sorry for the overuse of Higurashi references. Thanks for reading~! ^^ I hope this post wasn’t too boring to those who don’t know or like Higurashi…