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Exams + stress + Easter

March 21, 2008

I’ve been so horribly busy and stressed for some time (six exams in six days hurts), so I haven’t been able to write – neither TeraMura or this blog. I’m sorry for this, but now that we have a 4-day holiday, I’ll try to get back to writing and being more active as soon as I am able to… I’m so relieved that I won’t be having like any exams in a month or so. ^^

The good news is that I finished Rosetta’s card… Yay. I hope you like it. :)

Also, I promise to get something finished for Rena on this vacation. Promise.

Thanks for reading, and happy Easter! I’ll be writing more constantly from now on… ^^;

Being… sick + some good things

March 5, 2008

Lately, I’ve been sick a lot, and yesterday morning I puked. And it seems like I’ve got a fever as well. I’m going to see the doctor today, but really… I hate being sick.

As for the good things, a Slovak version of Project Nattsu kindly translated by mikey has been released here (or on ATP’s page here). The translated version has also got some  great enhancements by mikey with the layout and backgrounds. There will also be an English release with the same enhancements as soon as possible. ^^ Myself I really loved to see the Slovak version (even though I can’t read Slovak), so if you can read Slovak, I highly recommend checking it out! :)

Another good thing is that the Tower (Rosetta) will be complete quite soon. I think I’ll also post her here when I finish the pic, since I’ve put a lot of love (Rosetta is moé!) and energy to this one.

TeraMura, on the other hand… I’m even more doubtful about catching the deadline, since I’m sick and my brain isn’t working at all. If I don’t catch it, I’ll try to finish this arc by the end of NaNoReNo (= by the end of this month).

Thanks for reading! ^^

Awawa, being busy…

February 27, 2008

I’m sorry for not having much time to post – or progress with anything – lately. Even though I had my holiday, I’m already busy with exams now. I wish that these would go well, since some of the upcoming tests are not only important, but most likely very difficult. For me, at least. ^^;

The pieces that have progressed the most lately are probably Rosetta’s card (now colouring) and one of the BGs for the Rena project, which only lacks shadowing now. I’ve found it hard to write when I’m this stressed, but I feel like I’ll write a lot whenever I have enough time and energy. The tutorial thing is probably the one that I did the least during the holiday, but I got quite far the first day I started making it. I think that I should consider the tutorial as the project with the smallest priority right now, since it’s possibly the most non-creative work that I’m doing, so I need to be sharp when writing it in order to get good results – and now I should fill my brain with school things instead of how to do sprites. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not like I’m abandoning the tutorial. I’ll continue it as soon as I can, I promise. :)

Thanks for reading! I hope that I’ll have more to say for the next post… Ehe~.

Status reports, the beginning of a week’s holiday

February 17, 2008

Yay, it’s holiday here! This leads to more time for being productive… And posting some status reports. :D

Rena: I’ve got one coloured version of the sprite now, but I don’t like it, so it’s most likely getting some editing. One background lineart nearly complete.
Tarots: Rosetta’s lineart complete (except for the background), no progress with Marliene.
TeraMura: Still at 50k. Might be possible to finish the first arc for the promised date.
Tutorial: Still writing the lineart section.

Generally, I’m feeling really productive now despite having a little flu, so I’m expecting to get things done next week now that I finally have some time. Perhaps I can post a new status report next Sunday and we’ll see how much I’ve been able to progress with several things.

Also… Fufufufufu~. No, I’m not telling you why, fufufufu~. But there are some unexpected, but really good things going on… ;3

Thanks for reading! ^^

Many kinds of navels

February 5, 2008

That means both Navel and navel!

Navel’s Shuffle! is one of the few visual novels that I’ve heard wasn’t much better as a VN than it is as anime. However I can’t say this is my opinion since I’ve unfortunetly only seen the anime. It was quite good actually, especially for a harem one. The ending was surprising. Another strange part is that I loved Asa and Kaede, whereas I didn’t find the other girls half as interesting. Especially Sia. Primula had a nice story, but like from many flat-chested heroines, I got the obligatory loli character-vibe from her.

Another thing that I found interesting about Shuffle! was the fact that the original VN had two chara designers, Aoi Nishimata and Hiro Suzuhira. I like both of them a lot, though Aoi’s style might be slightly more appealing to my eye. There are some things that are slightly bugging, though… Like most of the characters looking very alike. All of them look pretty, though! *w*

I also found YURIA through Shuffle!, and I now have 2 of her albums. They’re probably the most originally named albums in my CD shelf: YURIA and YURIA 2. Luckily the music is better than the album names! :D I think her voice is very personal and likeable. She has sung a lot of songs for VNs, such as Shuffle!, Otome wa boku ni koishiteru and Green green. One of the ending themes for the dramatic anime School Days was also sung by her. Nice boat! ;) If you know what I mean…

And now, to the other kinds of navels, here’s Rosetta’s:

How artistic! So yeah, I’m making progress with The Tower’s lineart. Marliene’s card has been sketched, but I have yet to start making lineart. Rosetta’s lineart will require more time because of a challenging background, but I try to finish these in an acceptable amount of time. :3

Rena’s progressing as well despite the pararrel graphical project. Slowly, though, but as we are talking about backgrounds, I’m glad that I’m making any progress. Trying my best. :)

As for TeraMura… But I don’t want to write the endings yet! ;_;
However, don’t expect too much. I might have to delay the arc’s completion till Nanoreno’s end. I’m most likely not doing anything for Nano, but I’ll try to finish writing this arc if I am not able to meet the current deadline.

Thanks for reading, have a cookie. And a delicious navel… orange.

edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention. Possibly a voice role. Fufufu~.

A bit of this and that

January 28, 2008

Rena sprite lineart – complete.

With some stress and unfortunate happenings that some of you might have heard of, my writing inspiration has yet to recover. If things keep on going like this, I might have to delay Mura question arc’s completion. I’m very sorry for this… But I don’t want to force myself with the few last parts.

On the other hand, I joined the RenTarot project. I’m going to do two cards, the Hanged Man with Marliene and the Tower with Rosetta. Both of these beautiful characters are from Winter Shard, a game which I have to say you must play if you haven’t played it yet and aren’t afraid of dark stories. Myself, I adored it. It’s dark without being angsty, dramatic without being over-dramatic and the characters are very much lovable. Oh, I really should talk more about OELVNs… -creates a new category-

Anyway, this is a new challenge again, as drawing Tarot cards isn’t too easy. But this again will be a great practice, besides, I’ve always wanted to draw Marliene and Rosetta again ever since I completed a poor piece of fanart a year or so ago. Those two are nice to draw as well, even though I usually have trouble drawing other people’s characters. I would have wanted to draw more cards for RenTarot, but as slow and occupied as I am, I’ll be very glad if I manage to complete the two I’ve now promised to make. I’m wondering who’ll pick up the Nattsu trio (the Sun). If someone will, I’ll be quite interested and happy to see the result. ^^

Also, LemmaSoft turned 5-year-old last weekend. I’ve been going to the IRC channel for a longer time now and I love it, but we also had a voice chat on Friday, which was very much fun. It was really nice to hear everyone’s voices! My pronounciation wasn’t too good though and I was nervous and I spoke over other people, sorry for all those things. @_@; I wish we could have more voice chats, though it’s true that it won’t be nearly as exciting as it was if we begin to do it like every day.

Thanks for reading! Have a cookie!