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A look back at ’09

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now that the year has changed everywhere around the globe, I thought I would write a little post on 2009.

It was a pretty interesting year for me and very eventful – there were even 2 releases from Lux VNs, Take Rena Home and The Morane Crisis, both of which were collaborations in which I worked as an artist. I learnt a lot from these two projects, especially in terms of creative teamwork, which I hadn’t really done before. All I seem to have made is art, which might make it look like I have been writing very little this year, but in fact this is not the case – I think I have been writing more than ever, with a burning inspiration. I have matured as both a writer and an artist during the year and found many more reasons and meanings to what I do, not to mention my skills at both have grown as well.

As a result of this development the script for a certain project is around 90% complete right now. This might mean a bigger release in 2010, but because the script is pretty long (around twice the size of Nattsu right now, and written in clearly more complicated language) proofreading, editing and illustrating can take quite a while. But aside from this big project, there will be at least 2 releases from Lux next year. That I can promise.

In terms of VNs I think the year was so-so. Many great JVNs have been translated by fans, MangaGamer released several top-notch games with disagreeable translations and JAST USA made a deal with Nitro+ to localise their games (woohoo!). I played lots of great games too, like Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, CROSS†CHANNEL, Phantom of Inferno, MOON. and Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo. Many of these gave me new ideas and views on VNs, not to mention they were a lot of fun to play.

But while the translation side has been rocking, the creation side seems a bit lazy, particularly the EVN side. I think this is because of the lack of a creative environment, but there were barely any big releases in 2009. When there were releases, they were commercial or otome, neither of which are of much interest to me. Or in the case of commercial, it would perhaps be more correct to say it isn’t to the interest of my wallet…

On a personal level, I feel I matured a lot during the year. If I had to sum all things up, in my personal ’09 was mostly a year of farewells. This might sound sad, but it really is not. I feel those were things that needed to be done and sometimes leaving one thing behind can open you to new possibilities. It is very rejuvenating in a sense, and I think it provides me a good start for the year 2010. Metaphorically speaking I was throwing rocks out of my backpack all the time in the past year, so it is now a lot easier on my shoulders and has space to keep new, more useful things in. I hope to find and collect lots of great things into my life and learn a lot from the year! :)

The Morane Crisis release!

December 20, 2009

The Morane Crisis, new collaboration project between ATP Projects and Lux Visual Novels, has been released! I did the character art for this game, and it has writing, backgrounds and programming by mikey and music by evo.

Here’s the synopsis:

A top league long-time mediocre racing driver and his wife take a break from their travel-intensive jobs to spend a quiet weekend together in a city in Europe, talking about their future.

This was a very pleasant project to work on and also an experiment of sorts, as I used a more realistic style than usual. It worked out quite well, especially when mikey made a new interface which I think made the sprite look a lot better than it did just by itself. I’ve always admired ATP’s works, some of which were among the first VNs I played, so the project was a dream come true of some sort. I think I actually confused mikey a little when I agreed in a heartbeat, hehe! ^^;

I just played the game myself, and enjoyed it very much. Quite a flattering experience to see my artwork next to the masterpieces that the writing and music are… I’d describe it as calm, atmospheric, romantic and thought-provoking – the kind of game you play to relax. The game is semi-linear with choices, paths and one ending. Overall I think it’s 40 minutes well spent, so go download it at ATP Projects! :)