I’m Hime, the founder of Lux Visual Novels and one of the admins of The Teacup, a visual novel maker’s community. I have done Ren’Py coding, writing and artwork for various projects. I’ve always been into literature and visual arts, and think visual novels are a great way to combine these two; I play quite many VNs myself. For the most part I’m busy enough with Lux’s projects, but I do take suggestions for collaborations.

For personal info – I’m a young woman and a student. English is a second language for me. Apart from VNs and making them, I also enjoy other kinds of games (especially strategy), music, summer, learning languages, reading and such.

You can follow my exciting adventures (?) on Twitter, where I go by the nick luxhime. I can be found on the IRC network of Freenode, where I usually go by the nick of Hime (when my connection is acting up, I may also use Hime- or Hime^). Whenever I’m online there, I can be found at #teacup. I can also be contacted through email at lux.hime –at– gmail –dot– com. Another way to contact me and be surely noticed is a private message in The Teacup, but you will have to register to the forums to do this.

4 Responses to “Hime”

  1. Fan Says:

    Can you help me on a visual novel?NOT PAYING.GIVING CREDIT.Contact me on http://www.amaranthia.com-Rhen_Fan

  2. Fan Says:

    EDIT- http://www.amaranthia.com Rhen_Fan

  3. Jason Moors Says:

    hello, i just played your first visual novel game. i liked it. it was not bad at all, a little short though. i figured you probably don’t have a large fan base, but i will say that your fan base has grown by at least 1 member today! i plan on downloading and playing some more of your visual novels, and i plan on leaving more comments on this page, if that’s alright. thanks for posting these great visual novels so everyone how likes visual novels can enjoy them. you can contact me at my email address if desired.

  4. Derick Says:

    Thank you for your work. I just finished Project Nattsu today and it was great. I was surprised when there weren’t that many comments here because i thought your work deserves it. So I decided to go ahead and say thank you for your work and I really appreciate it. I don’t really have that much to say except thank you though… sorry

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