Merry Christmas 2009!

December 24, 2009

To celebrate the event, a more-literal-than-usual cookie! Happy holidays everyone! ^^

The Morane Crisis release!

December 20, 2009

The Morane Crisis, new collaboration project between ATP Projects and Lux Visual Novels, has been released! I did the character art for this game, and it has writing, backgrounds and programming by mikey and music by evo.

Here’s the synopsis:

A top league long-time mediocre racing driver and his wife take a break from their travel-intensive jobs to spend a quiet weekend together in a city in Europe, talking about their future.

This was a very pleasant project to work on and also an experiment of sorts, as I used a more realistic style than usual. It worked out quite well, especially when mikey made a new interface which I think made the sprite look a lot better than it did just by itself. I’ve always admired ATP’s works, some of which were among the first VNs I played, so the project was a dream come true of some sort. I think I actually confused mikey a little when I agreed in a heartbeat, hehe! ^^;

I just played the game myself, and enjoyed it very much. Quite a flattering experience to see my artwork next to the masterpieces that the writing and music are… I’d describe it as calm, atmospheric, romantic and thought-provoking – the kind of game you play to relax. The game is semi-linear with choices, paths and one ending. Overall I think it’s 40 minutes well spent, so go download it at ATP Projects! :)

I tried the Fading Hearts demo

November 27, 2009

Fading Hearts, the first-ever commercial original English non-ero bishoujo game has been released. For further info, check out the link.

Anyway, I tried the demo on the site and felt the urge to comment.

A screenshot showing some of the game’s pretty graphics and Rina’s submissive antics.

My overall reaction to Fading Hearts was that it raised a lot of questions.

Why is the game’s name mentioned 3 times in the main menu?
Why do these buttons beep all the time?
Why is there a random NVL segment about some knights?
Why is there no article in front of “bed”?
Why are the names so huge in the dialogue box?
Why is Claire a giant?
How can Rina get all sentimental in the middle of the classroom?
Why do they have a magical girl in this supposedly serious game?
Why is Sophia more attractive to me than Claire and Rina combined?
Why they made it so obvious who that womanizer is?
How was the protagonist able to start working at 12?
Why did the frog segment completely fail to move me?
Why does this thing keep throwing random bits of unconnected info at me?
What is bubble tea anyway?
Why does Claire frown if she is enjoying it?
Why are Claire and Rina so similar?
Why can’t I care for either of them?
Why can’t these girls do anything without a man?

This may sound like complaining, but those are all legitimate questions. I actually love thought-provoking games, but Fading Hearts so far didn’t answer a single one of my questions. Nonetheless, I felt the demo gave me something, and I have to mention the graphics are quite good apart from the huge size of Claire (which bothered me a lot). It also seems to be rather long, so maybe the questions will be answered in the final version – however, in my case, it did not leave excited but discouraged with all of its mysteries. Nonetheless it is a fresh breeze in the EVN industry, I assume, and you can buy it to support it, its makers and the whole idea of professional EVNs for 25$ 20$ in the address linked above.

Long time no cookie

November 8, 2009

As the title says. For the sake of your wellbeing, please have one!

This one is a bunch of technical experiments lumped together, and I think it shows. While I probably will not use some of them again, I think I found some nice tricks too. As you might notice, I have also got over my habit of being lazy with backgrounds (at least partly). Yay!

And concerning everything else, I have mostly been too busy actually doing stuff instead of just writing about it, which is a good thing but makes this blog less interesting to read (I assume). If all goes well, there should be some news before next summer, hopefully sooner.

Thanks for reading!

edit: Now also in the header.

Project Nattsu updated! Ver 1.1 release

July 10, 2009

Ahh, I was finally able to complete this – I’m sorry for taking so long, especially since mikey did such a great job on this, but I’ve had a lot of personal issues and business. A scary year indeed! In the end I couldn’t find my old work in project -version of the English fix, so I did it from beginning to end this evening – which is probably for the best, since I didn’t need to check what I had done and hadn’t done. :)

The changes between 1.0 and 1.1 include:
– updated to version 6.6.1 of Ren’Py
– better, more fitting colour theme
– typos and inconsistencies fixed
– beautiful new backgrounds
– a lot more readable font
– and more!

All of this kindly provided by the English visual novel veteran mikey for the Slovak translation of Nattsu, but now also available in the English version!

The changes are minor enough that I don’t recommend replaying the game if you already have (unless you have interest of course), but if you haven’t played Nattsu, please download version 1.1 instead of 1.0 if you do. Even if the changes aren’t earthshaking, mikey has done a great job on them and made the new version is a better experience in whole compared to the original one. ^^
Download links here!

I want to once more say thanks for everyone who has been involved in the development of and played Nattsu, I truly appreciate it!

Computer trouble, translations and webzines

June 23, 2009

Gahh… I’ve had bad luck once again, as my computer failed me this month, so I haven’t been able to work on anything during the summer. I should get a new computer within a week, and when this happens, I’ll finish updating Project Nattsu with mikey’s corrections. For real. D: Sorry about all these delays… life has been harsh.

On the bright side, it looks like Take Rena Home will be translated to Russian. I hadn’t heard about this until Vatina, who released her first game Angelic Orbs some time ago (go check it out! <3), told me that TRH had been added to the visual novel database. I find the news great and wish to encourage the translators. I’m both very surprised and excited about this. Waai! ^^

To those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, please have a look at The Baka-Trio Webzine. It’s an English visual novel community magazine with articles, interviews, reviews and all other kind of cool stuff. I wrote an article about storytelling for the second volume, which you can find from the link. :)

Thanks for reading and please remember to enjoy the summer! <3

Take Rena Home released!

May 1, 2009

Sorry for not blogging for a few months, I’ve been horribly busy. I can’t promise to be able to blog more before summer (freedom, yay), but luckily my holidays will start within a month, so it actually isn’t a very long time. ^^

Nonetheless, the main reason for this post is that my collaboration project with M12 of Vjutsu, Take Rena Home, has been released. It is a Higurashi fan game, but I’m sure people who haven’t played/seen/read it can enjoy the game to some extent as well, and it doesn’t have spoilers for the original’s story. :) Here’s the LSF thread for the game!

Now that I’ve done my work with this, I can’t promise any “big” releases really soon, but at least I should have the time to actually convert Nattsu’s translation’s improvements to the English version. It’s actually almost done, but I’ll have to check that I haven’t forgotten anything… ^^;

Thanks for reading and I hope you all are enjoying spring as much as I am~!

Happy late Christmas and New Year!

January 1, 2009

It’s holidays. No school. I’ve mostly been working on Rena like crazy. -w- One (half done) background, a CG or two, musics, insertation and interface customisation are basically all that’s left… HNNGH! You can probably expect a release in the next few months.

Autumn break

October 18, 2008

Autumn break was this week, and I’ve been very relieved to be able to rest a little, since I had been super-busy with school. I still have some work to do actually, but I’m trying to finish that today. Not too much time for making VNs, but at least some – I’ve been focusing on Rena’s backgrounds, some of which are painful to make because of their complexity. But it’s great practice. ^^

I’ve also been making a lot of art not related to VNs – some realistic drawing practices and a small story… Though if I end up finishing the story, I might as well translate it into English and make it a VN. :D But I don’t know about that yet, since my inspiration for small projects like this has a tendency to drop suddenly. We’ll see. :)

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to write more often, really, but school has been seriously harsh… -_-

A new minor project and other current things

July 20, 2008

So, I’ve began writing another project – a very short kinetic one, this time. It’s kind of shoujo ai and will hopefully be finished this year, but there isn’t much I could tell you without spoiling, as it is a short story. Here’s a quick sketch of the protagonist on lest – she’s a meganekko, a girl from a rich family – someone many would consider lucky, but who doesn’t really see herself like that. :3 Fufu, I guess this will be enough information this time, the rest you shall discover if you play the finished KN! ;)

Other than that, I’ve been rather busy lately, unable to work very much, but I’m trying my best. Today I discovered that I’ve got a little fever and a flu (though I’ve been feeling a bit like it for the past few days)… -sigh- Such bad luck in the last weeks of the holidays. ;_;

Also, I’ve been trying to improve my English by reading some heavier English literature lately, though I have to admit it has been a little painful at times. However, I’ve got a lot of motivation for it, as I want to be able to write as well as possible myself. If there’s a word I can’t read, I obviously can’t write it either. Thus, expanding my vocabulary is neccessary. I’ll fight for the sake of learning! >:3

Thanks for reading! ^^ I’ll try to update this blog a little more often, I promise!