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Anniversaries of many sorts, thanks of many sorts

May 15, 2008

Do you know what date it was yesterday? That’s right, May 14th. So, what’s so special about that day?

Well… That means it has been…


It’s kind of hard believe that it has already been a year since that time. I can still remember how nervous I was when I was uploading all the versions of the game, about to release it… I would never have believed that I could actually complete a game, release it and actually get some positive feedback from people who have played it. It’s kind of a funny thought how a game that I’ve written, programmed and illustrated is really able for download at various sites on the Internet, and that it’s also being downloaded from those sites. Such a small production, Lux VN’s first release, actually got some audience!

For all of this, I first want to send my thanks to everyone who has been a part of the making of Nattsu. Even if I had a complete script and complete CGs and sprites, this game would never have got released without you. The musics that DaFool made really enchanced the atmosphere and I doubt many people could have been able to enjoy the bad English that the script had before DrakeNavarone spellchecked it, so big thanks to both of you two! The backgrounds would have taken me a forever to draw, so I’m very grateful to ReccaPhoenix and all the other photographers too. All the playtesters gave me some useful feedback, thank you for that. Not to mention that I always thought making a VN was impossible until I found PyTom’s Ren’Py engine! I also want to thank Lemma Soft Forums and its members for being the best VN community ever and for helping me a lot with all the problems and questions I ever encountered while making Nattsu.

A lot of things have happened in one year, and perhaps the most remarkable happening has been the Slovak translation of PN translated and enchanced by mikey and corrected by Liu. When I first got a message from mikey concerning the translation of Nattsu, I entered a state of great bliss. I couldn’t believe that someone wanted to translate my game! Translation is a progress that takes a lot of work, time and energy, so the thought that someone actually wanted to translate PN was… Amazing, to put it short. Big big thanks to the translation team!

And the last but absolutely not the least, thanks to everyone who has played and enjoyed either the original or the translated version of Project Nattsu! Without all of you, I don’t know whether or not the game would have been worth making in the first place… :’3 Awawa, I’m getting too moved. Really, big big thanks to the all of you!

Also, the making of TeraMura – still in progress – was begun right before the release of Nattsu, so I’ve been writing this for a year as well now. Looking at how much I’ve been able to complete in a year, I feel like I should try a little bit more (especially when the holiday begins), but then again I’m happy that I’ve been able to maintain the inspiration and a somewhat steady progress rate for a whole year. I again have to say thanks for all of you for this, since all the feedback for both PN and TeraMura has been a great inspiration to me! ^^

On other anniversaries – May is full of them, now isn’t it – my and a certain dear person’s second anniversary is coming next week. Time has passed so quickly… It has been 2 years already? Awawa! I have to make something nice for him… Maybe I should bake something… Hmm. Oh and if you – the certain dear person – are reading this, I of course have to thank you as well. You know how important you are in both my life in general and in the progress of both PN and TeraMura. Even though it’s not rare for me to say this: I really love you. <3

Thanks for reading! I’m sorry, this post might have ended up a little bit too long, but I really mean every word of it and I think it was important to mention everyone, because you all really… You inspire me so much that at times I think that you people might do more for the projects than I do. Thank you!