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Challenged by M12 – On the subject of Moe

July 2, 2008

Moe – such a famous and widely used term among the otakus, yet so hard to describe and define. There is no right and wrong in the moe world, but in this blog entry, I shall voice my own opinions and feelings concerning this topic, as hard as it is.

I think that in the end, the character isn’t moe, but rather, awakens the feeling of moe, which is also one of the reasons why moe is this controversial. Kittens are cute, it’s quite undeniable in the end: They are little, innocent, soft and fluffy, so pretty much anyone considers them cute. However, I bet a lot of people disagree with each other about what is moe. A lot of us love ideal bishoujos, other are to tsunderes, a few to yanderes, some into loli. My opinion is that what moe is depends on the person, his/her past, beliefs, taste – quite a few things.

However, what is essential in moe is that you can love, forgive and relate to the character, no matter what he/she is like. I think yanderes are a good example here, as it’s hard to feel moe about the character if you think whatever makes him/her a yandere isn’t justified. I think Kotonoha Katsura is moe. To me, Katsura is a girl who loves her boyfriend more than anything else and gets mentally deeply injured to the point of (temporarily?) losing her sanity as she hears about less fortunate things. In the end of School Days the anime, I can’t say I’d do what she did if the same happened to me, but as a girl in a relationship, I bet I’d be shocked and depressed to the point of at least considering those things in my mind. Many think yanderes are bad or immoral, but it really depends on whether or not you can forgive them for what they did. (Of course, only having forgiven them isn’t equal to seeing them as moe.)

I also think anyone who is open and willing to feel moe can have feelings for moe characters. The generalization of the moe audience consisting of 20-30 year old desperately lonely, single otakus is cruel. I’m a girl or a young woman (depending on how you look at it), in a happy relationship, and I adore moe characters. You always think those Konata/Kagami wallscrolls end up in the apartments of male nerds, but some of them are actually bought and worshipped by cute teenage girls (with experience – ahh, she’s such an adorable person… One of those few cases where real life persons seem moe). It is true, however, that young men are more often open to moe and the series with the most moe characters usually are aimed at them when looking at other aspects of them.

Even though it’s rare to look at things this way, moe isn’t only limited to otaku merchandise and otakus, but it can touch anyone and be in anything humane, even real people. Real people, however, are a difficult case of moe because of their humanity. We are wonderfully complex and imperfect, which makes us one of the most beautiful beings on this planet, but it unfortunetly makes it hard for us to feel moe about each other: We have actual pasts and experience instead of quickly invented possible plot devices from our childhood, so it’s very hard to find someone you can really relate to, and even then, it’s unlikely that that person is moe in other aspects. Nonetheless, there are people that have been moe to my eye.

Quite a different opinion, now isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for anyone who has actually had the patience to read this. Also, a little Nattsu sketch to make it a little more light to read. ‘:3

Nobody expects…

February 18, 2008

The Spanish inquisition A new update and a new thousand hits to come so soon. Not even me, that’s why I had to rush with the cookie. Luckily, I didn’t burn it despite the rush! To be honest, it’s rather raw than burnt.

Click for a very slightly bigger and better quality version.
I realized that all I have done is TeraMura cookies, so I just had to make a Nattsu one. I hope you like it and I’m really glad that people have interest in my humble projects and all the other things that I post about. Thank you everyone for that! ^^