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A bit of this and that

January 28, 2008

Rena sprite lineart – complete.

With some stress and unfortunate happenings that some of you might have heard of, my writing inspiration has yet to recover. If things keep on going like this, I might have to delay Mura question arc’s completion. I’m very sorry for this… But I don’t want to force myself with the few last parts.

On the other hand, I joined the RenTarot project. I’m going to do two cards, the Hanged Man with Marliene and the Tower with Rosetta. Both of these beautiful characters are from Winter Shard, a game which I have to say you must play if you haven’t played it yet and aren’t afraid of dark stories. Myself, I adored it. It’s dark without being angsty, dramatic without being over-dramatic and the characters are very much lovable. Oh, I really should talk more about OELVNs… -creates a new category-

Anyway, this is a new challenge again, as drawing Tarot cards isn’t too easy. But this again will be a great practice, besides, I’ve always wanted to draw Marliene and Rosetta again ever since I completed a poor piece of fanart a year or so ago. Those two are nice to draw as well, even though I usually have trouble drawing other people’s characters. I would have wanted to draw more cards for RenTarot, but as slow and occupied as I am, I’ll be very glad if I manage to complete the two I’ve now promised to make. I’m wondering who’ll pick up the Nattsu trio (the Sun). If someone will, I’ll be quite interested and happy to see the result. ^^

Also, LemmaSoft turned 5-year-old last weekend. I’ve been going to the IRC channel for a longer time now and I love it, but we also had a voice chat on Friday, which was very much fun. It was really nice to hear everyone’s voices! My pronounciation wasn’t too good though and I was nervous and I spoke over other people, sorry for all those things. @_@; I wish we could have more voice chats, though it’s true that it won’t be nearly as exciting as it was if we begin to do it like every day.

Thanks for reading! Have a cookie!

Higurashi project teaser + writing more

December 8, 2007

So, most of my school business has now been finished, and it’s weekend… Phew~! It feel great to relax once in a while after all that stressing! ^^

So, I’ve been more able to do something to the projects too! Actually, I had a big writing boost last night… I still haven’t catched up the schedule, but if things keep going like this, it’s just a matter of time before I surpass it. Ganbarimasu~. >w<

Oh and talking about projects… A little teaser from the background graphics of the Higurashi dating sim:

It’s based on a photo, but I’m myself quite happy with the result as my backgrounds tend to be quite horrible… ^^; That’s why this project is going to be some great practice too, since now I have a reason to do BGs. This is a cropped and slightly resized version.

Oh and, a new 4koma. This time the Higurashi spoilers (if they can even be called spoilers since most of the people who’ve heard about Higurashi know that anyway) are very slight and from Onikakushi-hen. Though… It’s already revealed to you in the opening animation. :D So unless you’ve got a phobia for even the slightest spoilers, this should be okay for you.

…Also, if you’ve played Project Nattsu, it might make the last panel a little more comical.

I guess that’s all for today. A lot of pictures again. I wonder if this blog is too image-heavy… ^^; Anyway, thanks for reading!

Artwork for a Higurashi project kana, kana?

November 19, 2007

The project was way too moé, omochikaeri~. I couldn’t resist it.
So, at the moment, it looks like I’ll be doing the artwork for a Higurashi dating sim project, featuring Rena. Yes. I’m a great Higurashi no naku koro ni fan…
This shouldn’t slow down my writings, as I have always kept visual arts and writing quite separate.
…I’m a bit excited. >w<

Oh, and I had to sketch some Rena too! I hope you like it. ^^ Ahh, my sketches are so rough… (Note, these are just random sketches that aren’t particularly involved with the previously mentioned project.)

I really, really seldom draw fanart, by the way… The previous time when I draw some was when I drew some of Winter Shard (a great game, by the way). But what I draw back then was really ugly, since I was having an art block and everything. It didn’t even have proper lineart! Perhaps I should make some new Winter Shard fanart kana, kana?

Oh and, I also made my first 4koma ever last weekend. I’m really bad at humour so it isn’t very funny and I wasn’t too careful with the drawing either (I tried a more comic-ish style), but I decided to share it anyway. It just happens to have some Higurashi material too… Note the spoilerous content! And the Higurashi spoilers are just for Watanagashi-hen (the third question arc), whereas the Project Nattsu spoilers are just for Anna’s ending.

And about Anna’s hands, I know it already… T_T

Sorry for the overuse of Higurashi references. Thanks for reading~! ^^ I hope this post wasn’t too boring to those who don’t know or like Higurashi…