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Midsummer’s over

June 23, 2008

It was a rather nice Midsummer. Also, I have now officially killed my writing block! Finally, progress…

Also, the two most young(-looking? You can’t know how old Sakura is, uhuhu) characters from Lux Visual Novels’s main projects, Anna from Project Nattsu and Sakura from Tera to Mura to Wasuremono. I should post more sketches here. ^^

Thanks for reading!

The 20 minutes to 4 AM post

February 14, 2008

A weird hand of an obviously dead person rises from the ground of the cemetery.


The body drops dead back to the person’s grave. One more weird sound can be heard from the depths of ground:

“And an upcoming tutorial… of sprites…”

Total views: 1,000 !

December 6, 2007

The day has finally came… ^^ I want to thank everyone of the readers and commenters of this blog, the players of Project Nattsu and the people that are anticipating Tera to Mura to Wasuremono. All the feedback that Lux VNs has received has been a really great source of inspiration and energy for me, and I want to thank everyone who is reading this post for that. It really motivates me with not only TeraMura, but all the work that I face in my own life and school as well. As an artist, there is nothing greater than knowing that people like something that you’ve put a lot of work and feeling into. To be honest, I never really expected much from my games, but when all the people on Lemma Soft Forums and later, here, encouraged me, I think I’ve became more confident about VN making. Thank you everyone… A lot. :’3

Then, the cookie business. It’s a bit more revealing – kind of fanservice, as we say – but it’s more like artistic nudity rather than sexual nudity, so don’t be too afraid about the content despite the warnings.

I even made it a JPG to save a little loading time from people who don’t have a fast connection. The style is a little more anime-ish than my usual one, but I hope that isn’t a bad thing. ^^ I got a lot of skin-colouring practice, at last, since I’ve been needing it for some time. <3 Fuuko is a bit too tanned, though… But, I hope you like it!

And once more… Thanks. ^^

ps. M12, I’ve been trying to make some sketches, but the results this far haven’t been good enough in my opinion. I think I’ll have some time in the weekend, since our tests are coming to an end.

It’s healthy to have a cookie once in a while

September 22, 2007


Especially baked for Monele. :3 I hope you like it~. It was quite a quickie but I think it ended up cute. ^^ No improvement in the backgrounds, though… -cough-

Anyway, I have a lot to write so I’ll get going now. Thanks for reading~!

A little promotional scribble and stuff

July 27, 2007

So, I’m blogging again~. This time it’s really more about TeraMura than my personal blah-blah. ^^;

I’m trying my best, and at the moment, the linear storyline part is about at 98%. The mere fact that it’s near completion has been giving me energy to write just more, more and more. It’s just one or two scenes (to be exact, one scene + a beginning for a second one) before the linear part is finished! Really, I feel so relieved that this project didn’t die at the beginning. Once I have finished some parts already, it is really a lot easier to write, especially if I’m satisfied with the previous parts as I am now. I feel great~!

The weekend will be a busy one for me, though, especially Saturday, but I will try to complete this before Monday. After I’ve finished it, depending on a few things, it will probably be a couple of days before I send what has been completed this far to the testers. And now when I mentioned the testers, there are four already. Four really good ones, too! ^^ It has been only a couple of days, too, so I’m a bit suprised but really happy that all these people have already volunteered. I was a little afraid if anyone wants to test this thing yet since it’s a big thing to test already and there aren’t graphics or anything yet but… I’m glad that I was afraid for no reason. :)

Oh and, I made a little promotional scribble featuring Sakura today. I thought that I could make new chara sample pictures, but that’s… A bit difficult thing for me to do somehow. I think I demand too much from myself at the start and then everything gets ruined. But, before I get totally off-topic, I should not forget showing you the scribble:

The big kanji is Sakura, the name of this character, and the text below is just © Hime ~ Lux Visual Novels “Tera to mura to wasuremono”. I know her face is a little (a lot) off and stuff… But it was really just a scribble that I started drawing at like, 3AM, and decided to finish anyway. I hope you can forgive me. ^^;

That’s it for today’s blogging! Thank you a lot for reading, and don’t be afraid to comment, I’d appreciate it~.